Our History

In the 1980s, a brand showed up in the market destined to surprise everyone, including us!

At first pursuing a goal that might have seemed everything but innovative, we at PUKET opened our doors to offer Brazilians that which was perhaps the dullest of products: socks! However, as soon as the machines began turning out the first products it was clear there was something different about those pieces.

Different from everything else on the market, PUKET socks carried with them much more than foot comfort. They had bright colors, unusual prints, and a youthful, joyful vibe. People soon realized that when they brought home PUKET, they were also bringing the joy and laidback feel that came with the product and let themselves be carried away by our brand’s vibe.

The PUKET recipe became a hit! It did not take long for that factory to grow and soon turn into a leading sock manufacturer in Brazil, boasting one of the most modern, efficient industrial complexes across the country. PUKET had won over the feet and hearts of millions of Brazilians.

Our socks had become all the rage. They were not only on the feet but also in the mind of children, youngsters, and women from 4 to 94 years old. It was that our idea of bringing joy to everyone turned ambitious: imagine what would happen if PUKET were not restricted simply to people’s feet but took over their entire wardrobe?

That is how our pajamas line came to be. It took the world by surprise and turned it upside down. Unusual, fun, unbelievable prints! Pieces that used to be concealed underneath clothes and inside shoes became irresistible stars! Pajamas worn to bed turned the evening into a fun-filled time for mothers and daughters.

From the time our first sock was packaged and sent to the market, PUKET always pictured creating a store that did not only sell our products but also faithfully reflected our company’s philosophy and mission. Putting a smile on the face of every person, creating a universe where mothers and daughters played as friends, bringing fun and joy for all ages.

In 2003 that dream came true when we opened our first own store at Shopping Villa Lobos. From then on, over 100 stores have opened across the country, at the main malls and in other prime locations in the cities.

In 2013, one of Brazil’s largest textile companies joined Puket and today we are a part of Grupo Malwee!

Thanks to our consumers’ appreciation and love, today PUKET operations are set over 9000 m² in two plants located in São Paulo and Campo Grande.