Puket was born in 1988 from the dream of brothers Adolfo and Claudio Bobrow to bring irreverence and joy to the traditional white socks.                         

Part of a family with more than 70 years of tradition in the textile industry, the brothers bet a lot of color, incredible prints and good humor to establish a brand recognized and loved by customers, employees and partners.                         

Today we become a reference in products that bring together families and connect mothers and children with a mix of unique identity products. And not just socks: they are pajamas, lingerie, beachwear, accessories, footwear and unique packaging that have become mania not only in Brazil, but in the world.                         

In 2013 we became partners with one of the largest textile companies in Brazil, Malwee.                         

In addition, we are also recognized for our social and sustainable projects, such as Meias do Bem. And our plan is to continue making people's lives more colorful and joyful, turning customers into fans, showing that fashion, fun and good business go hand in hand.

A Puket

Brands and Products

Back there, when we made our first pair of socks, we already knew that our destiny was not simply to make more of the same, we wanted to create products that were remembered and desired by their colors, their design and their                       cheerful and fun spirit. Thus, from the beginning, we have created a team of passionate people whose mission is to transform each product into a unique and special object.                     

Our motto: just create products that we fall in love with!                     

And this combination of joy with quality products and innovative design captivated not only Brazilians, but people around the world, today counting more than 6,000 national and international sales points,                       becoming mania in countries like Angola, Bogotá, Bolivia, Dubai, Panama and Qatar, infecting with joy and good humor all that come in contact with our products.                     

Today, that factory that spent the days making socks, launches to each station a collection composed by more than 2000 items. And so are born collections of socks, pajamas, lingerie, beachwear, accessories, footwear, packaging                       exclusive gift and more!                                          

When we create our products, we think of people who love to laugh and have fun, who not only have a child in them, but who also let that child out to play. In people who love bright colors,                       who like to sing, softly or not, their favorite songs.                     Well, a lot has changed in all these years, except one: the love we feel in creating products to make you even happier!


Our Belief


Provide enchanting and fun experience through colorful and irreverent clothing and accessories.                   


To be recognized as an international brand.                   

Values ??                   

Socio-environmental respect: Our internal and external relationships are based on the acceptance of diversity, where all have unique and admirable qualities. We care about the well-being of the people and with the guarantee of a future                     better.                   

Ethics: The basis of our business and our conduct, doing what is right and what is right.                   

Innovation: To be in tune with your time and moment seeing beyond it, to propose the unusual, the unique.                   

Excellence: Everything we do has to be the expression of what's best.                   

Joy: All of Puket's products and actions have to incorporate a colorful and joyful proposal that helps to raise the state of mind.                   

Passion: For what we do and that allows each Puket employee to exercise his or her best and realize their potential talent and competence.

A Puket

Our History

In the 1980s a brand was born to surprise everyone, including ourselves!                   

Initially with a goal that could seem everything but less innovative, PUKET opened its doors to offer Brazilians what might be the most banal of products: socks! But as soon as the machines                     finalizing the first products it was clear that there was something different about those parts.                   

Unlike everything else on the market, PUKET socks carried much more than comfort to the feet. They had vibrant colors, unusual designs, a young and cheerful spirit. Soon people realized that when                     take PUKET home, they also took the joy and the relaxation that stamped the product, letting itself be contagious by the spirit of the brand.                   

PUKET recipe has become a success! It was not long before that factory grew and soon became one of the leaders in the production of socks of Brazil with one of the most modern and efficient industrial parks of the whole                     parents. PUKET had conquered the feet and hearts of millions of Brazilians.                   

The stockings had become mania, making not only the feet, but the head of the children, of young people and women between the 04 and the 94 years of age. It was then that the idea of ??bringing joy to all became ambitious: imagine what                     would happen if PUKET were not just on people's feet, but invaded the entire wardrobe?                   

The Pajamas line was born, which took the world by surprise and turned it upside down. Unexpected, fun, incredible prints! The pieces that were usually hidden underneath the clothes and inside the shoes                     they have become irresistible stars.

Sleeping pajamas have turned the night into a delightful game between mothers and daughters.                   

Once the first sock was packaged and shipped to the market, PUKET always imagined creating a store that not only sold its products, but faithfully reflected the philosophy and mission of the company. Put a smile on the                     face of each person, create a universe where mothers and daughters play as friends, bring fun and joys for all ages.                   

In 2003 this dream materialized with the first store in Villa Lobos Shopping. Since then there are more than 100 stores throughout the national territory, in the main malls and points of the cities.                   

The Meias do Bem project began in 2013 with the aim of showing the world how easy it is to do good, the idea worked out and today there are several tons of socks recycled in blankets every year to warm the night of who                     more accurate.                   

In 2018 we joined the Group family - becoming sisters of Imaginarium, Ludi and MinD! brands.                   

Today PUKET counts on 9000m² of constructed area, divided into 2 units, located in São Paulo and Campo Grande. And thanks to the recognition and affection of its consumers is a brand loved and recognized worldwide!



Puket is born, with the mission of putting an end to the hassle of the white socks that dominated the market!


Inauguration of the first store of its own!


Other people in love, transform the Puket store into a network of successful franchises!


All the care and dedication guarantee puket its first seal of excellence in franchising in 2005. Since then we have not spent a year without receiving this award!


Puket is born, with the mission of putting an end to the hassle of the white socks that dominated the market!


And there's nothing hotter than getting market recognition for something we do with so much love. There are several prizes won in these years of history, showing the success of our franchise model and remembering                   that design and social responsibility are part of the people.                 

For 11 consecutive years we have been awarded the seal of excellence in franchising by ABF - Brazilian Franchising Association.                 

In 2015 we received the Alshop Retailer Award again and were nominated by Small Business Big Business as one of the best franchises in Brazil!                 

The Meias dos Bem Project received the Lide Marketing Award for Good, and now in January Claudio Bobrow, our founding partner, was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in New York at an Alshop award.                 

In addition, Puket has already been featured in the National Retail Confederation, the largest retail association in the world, and called to participate in the TED Talks program.                 

We are very proud of each of these prizes, which show us that we continue on the right path, following our heart and realizing our dreams of being closer each day to each of our collaborating clients and                   partners!

Socio-Environmental Responsibility

DOES GOOD TO DO GOOD!                   

We find that, in a little while, we can sow good and reach thousands of people.

Meias do bem                                  

STOCKINGS OF GOOD                   

Can you make someone happy with a pair of old socks? Yes you do! Especially if you donate them with love.                   

The Socks of Good project was created to transform old socks into smiles.                   

Puket invites everyone to donate used socks, torn, stained or peerless in their stores. Then the socks undergo a recycling process and are transformed into blankets. For every 40 pairs of socks donated,                      we took a couple of hints of wool to those who need it most.                 

Movimento Arredondar                                  

ARREDONDAR MOVEMENT                   

And if those cents left over from our purchases every day could make a big difference?                   

The Roundup Movement is like this: you round the value of your purchase in any store R $ 22.70 turns 23.00. R $ 96,99 will cost R $ 97,00. You just can not round the round. $ 30.00 for example.                   

All proceeds go directly to selected social organizations working for the 8 Millennium Goals.                   

But does it make a difference?                   

Add, multiply and incredible things can happen around you. Generosity can be in cents or millions: it is always a transforming force.