Brand and Products


Waaaay back when we made our first pair of socks, we already knew we were destined to do more than simply more of the same. We wanted to create products that were remembered and desired for their colors, design, and joyful, fun vibe. So, from the start, we have had a team of passionate people whose mission is to turn every product into a unique, special object.

Our motto: to only create products we would fall in love with!

This blend of joy and quality products featuring innovative design has captivated not only the Brazilians but also people across the world. Today, our products can be found in more than 6,000 points of sale in Brazil and abroad. They have become wildly popular in countries like Angola, Colombia, Bolivia, Dubai, Panama, and Qatar, imparting a sense of joy and fun to everyone that comes across them.

Today, that factory that used to spend its days making socks now launches a collection comprising over 2000 items every season. And so there emerge collections of socks, pajamas, underwear, beachwear, accessories, footwear, exclusive gift wraps, and much more!

When we create our products, we think of people who love to laugh and have a good time. People who not only have a child within but who also let this child come out and play. People who love bright colors, who like to hum or belt out their favorite songs.

Well, a lot has changed over all these years, except for one: the love we feel as we create products to make you even happier!